Is Gnome2 not supported on the amd64 ARCH?

Rolf Nielsen listreader at
Sun Jan 2 15:10:05 UTC 2011

2011-01-02 15:42, fbsdmail at skrev:
> Hello again, and thanks for your response.
> I commented it out after responding to your response, and
> it happily built. I just figured I'd use the CPUTYPE?= option
> to gain better amd64 profiling, but apparently it's only
> _really_ available for the i386 CPU's. I say that because
> I've always used that option when building on those ARCH types,
> and never ran into a problem. Oh well, hopefully sometime son,
> it'll be better supported on the amd64 - fingers crossed. :)
> Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
> --Chris


I have an Intel CPU that's amd64 compatible, and I use CPUTYPE?=native, 
which never gave me any problems (I use it for all builds, including 
kernel and world). I can't say whether it works with AMD CPUs though. 
Nor can I really say if it makes a difference, because I've never tried 
without it.


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