Video Card for FreeBSD 9.0 (RC2) AMD64

Matt Dawson matt at
Thu Dec 15 12:35:43 UTC 2011

On Thursday 15 Dec 2011 09:30:38 Gary Jennejohn wrote:
> Just for the record it turns out that the signal 11 was apparently
> the result of having AIGLX (default) set for xorg-srerver.  After
> disabling the option Xorg appears to be running stabily using
> nvidia-driver.

This wouldn't, by any chance, be an Asus variant of an nVidia design 
would it? The only nVidia based cards I've ever had problems with have 
been Asus, with various "overclock," "hypercache" and other fancy-
sounding buzzword tweaks appended to the model number which have 
turned out to deviate just enough from the reference to cause problems 
on anything but Windows.

Which brings us to another snippet of information: Always try to get 
as close to the reference design as possible. Palit, XFX (watch the 
fans on these), Gainward, even Sparkle. Never buy an Asus card 
specifically for FreeBSD. I suspect a VBIOS flash with default clocks 
and options would mitigate many of the issues on the Asus boards but 
I'm just not patient enough to bother ripping low-end cards to pieces 
to identify the memory timings and troll through the VBIOS archives to 
find a matching flash.

We're getting off-topic now, so I'll shut up ;o) E-mail in .sig is 
valid if anyone wants to contact me off-list.
Matt Dawson
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