Video Card for FreeBSD 9.0 (RC2) AMD64

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Dec 13 13:42:40 UTC 2011

On Monday, December 12, 2011 2:22:55 pm Dieter BSD wrote:
> Thomas D. Dean wrote:
> >> I have been looking for a video card that FreeBSD 9.0 (RC2) AMD64
> >> supports fully.  Nothing, so far.
> Full support requires full documentation or full reverse-engineering.
> nVidia is openly hostile towards FLOSS, I don't expect any
> documentation from them in the forseeable future.

Hmmm, you have a really odd definition of openly hostile.  As an open source 
developer I am in regular contact with developers from nvidia who support the 
nvidia driver on FreeBSD that they actively maintain.  OTOH, certain other 
open source projects have a known history of intentionally changing ABIs to 
break the nvidia driver.  I find that a good bit more hostile than the open 
collobration I've had with nvidia.

John Baldwin

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