Pete French petefrench at ticketswitch.com
Sat May 29 10:25:03 UTC 2010

> Seems "athlon-mp" is the best choice. After building some ports,
> I noticed some of them returned the string: MCPUTYPE=athlon-mp
> So unless anyone would care to suggest a better choice, I'm going
> to use CPUTYPE?=athlon-mp :)

A better option would be to switch to 64 bit and then stop
worrying about the CPUTYPE :-) Those AMD processors work
very nicely in 64 bit mode.

It has to be said that actually on a modern processor I will doubt
you will notice much (if any) difference tweaking the CPU type. When
I first came to FreeBSD I used to obessively tweak optimisation
settings all over the place. These days I leave more or less everything
at the defalts, and life is perfectly happy... certainly given the
CPU you ar switching to, I would just not bother setting CPUTYPE. try
it "as-is", and if i is too slow then start looking for optimisations.


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