A couple of AMD kernel config questions

fbsdmail at dnswatch.com fbsdmail at dnswatch.com
Wed May 26 09:51:22 UTC 2010

 I'm experimenting with an AMD Athlon X2 CPU:

I just got. This will be the first AMD based kernel I've built.
So I find myself with a couple of questions I'm hoping someone
here can assist with.
As I understand it, this CPU is a K9, does the following line
from GENERIC still apply?
cpu		HAMMER			# aka K8, aka Opteron & Athlon64

I noticed the following in NOTES
# x86 real mode BIOS emulator, required by atkbdc/dpms/vesa
options		X86BIOS

If I include VESA support in the kernel, will I also need to add the
that entry to obtain keyboard && VESA support?

Any other AMD specific tweaks I should apply?
Any comments/suggestions anyone wouls care to offer, will be grsatly

Thank you for all your time and consideratiion.


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