radiusd-cistron on FreeBSD 8.0

Jim Pazarena famd64 at paz.bz
Sun Jun 13 02:31:00 UTC 2010

I recently attempted to move my radius authentication from a 7.0 i386
radiusd-cistron 1.6.8 to an 8.0 amd64.

radius consistently failed the user authentication all-the-while
logging some crazy garbage in the failed password field of the log.

I suspected that the encryption key was incorrect in the clients file,
so I verified that it was correct in accordance with the RAS.

I also 'changed' the encryption key on both clients file and the RAS
and still the log showed garbage in the log.

I swung back to the 7.0 i386 machine (with the NEW key), and authentication
was instant and positive.

I don't know if the issue was amd64 vs i386, or 7.0 vs 8.0 or BOTH.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Anxious to start using my new
8.0 amd64 box.


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