When will the amd64 be supported?

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Fri Jun 4 21:10:44 UTC 2010

On Fri, June 4, 2010 1:30 am, Pete French wrote:
>> I'm /really/ just trying to convert all my i386 boxen to amd64.
> ....this is the source of your problem. What you were trying to
> do in builing amd64 is correct, but only if you are already on an amd64
> platform. Those instrcutions are for building the native architecture.
> If you want to convert an existing system 'in-lace' from i386
> to amd64, then you need to get an install of amd64 on some portable drive
> that you can boot from, boot the machine on that, mount the original drive
> under '/mnt' or somewhere, and then do an 'installkernel' and
> 'installworld' specifying the mountpoint as the destination.
> It does work - but I would do it with a GENERIC kernel first before
> trying a custom kernel. Oh, and also you should delete all your ports
> beforehand and then rebuild them afterwards so they get rebuilt for amd64.
> I would not recommend the above though. You are better off doing
> an amd64 install froms cratch. Much less error prone.
Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Pete.
I'm afraid I got _way_ ahead of myself in my "quest" to get on the AMD64
train. I've been wanting to do it for a great while. But insisted I wait
until I had the time and $$ to get really nice && new hardware. So having
/finally/ got it, I went straight at it, in spite of the fact that I had
already been working too long w/o enough sleep. But having just obtained
all that new equipment (see sig below), the adrenalin told me I was fine,
just do it. Well, in hind sight; my better judgment _should_ have told
me otherwise. :(
In short; I was excited about finally getting the hardware I wanted,
and neglected to notice I had shoved the _i386_ DVD in the system,
instead of the 64bit DVD.

Apologies for all the un-necessary noise, and thank you again for your
thoughtful reply.


I'm sorry
> -pete.
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