who broke config(8) and why?

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Fri Jun 4 06:40:08 UTC 2010

On Thu, June 3, 2010 11:14 pm, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 10:53 PM,  <fbsdmail at dnswatch.com> wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> In an attempt to build an AMD64 kernel, after a buildworld session. I
>> was greeted with a couple of unexpected surprises: make buildkernel
>> Aparently FreeBSD only put the sys/amd64,ia64,etc... to _appear_ to
>> support architectures other than "i386".
>> Fine. I'll use the older method:
>> cd sys/amd64/conf config MYAMDCONF
>> ERROR: version of config(8) does not match kernel!
>> config version = 600007, version required = 600009
>> Make sure that /usr/src/usr.sbin/config is in sync
>> with your /usr/src/sys and install a new config binary before trying this
>> again.
>> If running the new config fails check your config
>> file against the GENERIC or LINT config files for changes in config
>> syntax, or option/device naming conventions
>> LOOK. I already read about this in UPDIATING. I've _already_ builtworld
>>  from an 8-RELEASE CD w/cvsupped src && ports. What gives? According to
>> 20100502:
>> The config(8) command has been updated to maintain compatibility
>> with config files from 8.0-RELEASE.  You will need a new version of
>> config to build kernels (this version can be used from 8.0-RELEASE
>> forward). ###
>> (this version can be used from 8.0-RELEASE forward).
>> I'm using 8-RELEASE
>> ###
>> The buildworld target will generate it,
>> ###
>> so following the instructions in this file for updating will work
>> glitch-free. Merely doing a make buildkernel without first doing a make
>> buildworld ###
>> I just DID a buildworld
>> ###
>> (or kernel-toolchain), or attempting to build a kernel using
>> traidtional methods will generate a config version warning, indicating
>> you should update.
>> I don't get it. Why was the config(8) toolchain deliberately broken in
>> "midstream" (the middle of a release)?! Shouldn't this/ese change(s)
>> been made at the start of an _upcomming_ version?
>> I suppose I have to spend another few days downloading 9-RELEASE, and
>> tailoring it for my needs as I have already done in preparation for this
>>  build/install.
>> _Please_ if I can avoid starting from start, all over again. Can
>> someone tell me where I can download a pre-compiled config-toolchain. So
>> that I can resume a biuld/install.
>> Thank you for all your time and consideration in thia matter.
> make -C usr.sbin/config all install
> <back to regularly scheduled build program>

Thank you Garrett, you ROCK! :-)

--Chris out...
> Done.
> -Garrett

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