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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
s amd64/143173 amd64      [ata] Promise FastTrack TX4 + SATA DVD, installer can'
o amd64/142270 amd64      [hang] System trap on Xorg shutdown when using nvidia 
o amd64/141413 amd64      [hang] Tyan 2881 m3289 SMDC freeze
o amd64/141112 amd64      [ata] [panic] Kernel panic when booting with any sATA 
o amd64/141060 amd64      [install] Can't install 8.0-RELEASE on the server wher
o amd64/140715 amd64      [boot] Dell M600 Blade fails to boot 7.2+ 64 bit
o amd64/140596 amd64      [panic] Kernel panic/crash
o amd64/140391 amd64      [hang] powerd(8) freezes computer on Phenom II compute
o amd64/140145 amd64      [boot] Installation boot sequence freezes
o amd64/139998 amd64      [panic] 7.2 amd64 panic in kern_mutex.c:339
o amd64/139924 amd64      [boot] cd or dvd not load
o amd64/139614 amd64      [minidump] minidumps fail when many interrupts fire
f amd64/138661 amd64      [panic] Kernel Panic after typing "reboot"
o amd64/138626 amd64      telepites
o amd64/138029 amd64      [panic] periodically kernel panic and reboot
o amd64/137942 amd64      [pci] 8.0-BETA2 having problems with Asus M2N-SLI-delu
o amd64/136814 amd64      [mxge] mxge driver error
s i386/135447  amd64      [i386] [request] Intel Core i7 and Nehalem-EP new feat
o amd64/135265 amd64      [install] Boot from install cd hangs on HP DL160 G5 wi
o amd64/135040 amd64      [ata] FreeBSD/amd64 does not (always) detect disk on S
o amd64/135014 amd64      [padlock] Using padlock(4) in 8-current triggers "fpud
o amd64/134978 amd64      [panic] g_up pmap amd64 panic
o amd64/134757 amd64      32 bit processes on 64 bit platforms occasionally drop
o amd64/133977 amd64      [panic] [ffs] "panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free block"
o amd64/133701 amd64      Recompiling the kernel with k8temp or smbios break GEO
o amd64/132574 amd64      [boot] [hang] Freeze on bootstrap loader (CD) using AT
f amd64/132019 amd64      [install] kernel trap 12 while installation
o amd64/131906 amd64      [ata] SATA data corruption with Promise PDC20378 (amd6
o amd64/131456 amd64      ACPI & ATA problems
o amd64/131314 amd64      [modules] [panic] large modules fail to load on amd64
o amd64/131209 amd64      [panic] [bce] 7.1-STABLE amd64 crash - m0 NULL
f amd64/130885 amd64      sockstat(1) on amd64 does not work
o amd64/130864 amd64      [hang] Problem with copying files to a large partition
o amd64/130817 amd64      FreeBSD does not support HP DL160G5 [regression]
o amd64/130494 amd64      [boot] netbooting BTX fails on amd64
o amd64/130483 amd64      [mxge] MSI must be disabled when Myricom 10Gbps Card i
o amd64/130368 amd64      [hang] Switching from xorg to console locks up compute
o amd64/129889 amd64      [boot] [hang] The booting process stops at the line mo
o amd64/129721 amd64      [hang] Motherboard K9N2G Neo-FD hangs on boot of 7.0-R
o amd64/129667 amd64      [ata] Elitegroup A780GM-A IDE controller not recognize
o amd64/129426 amd64      [panic] FreeBSD 7.0 crash after subdiskXX: detached
o amd64/129315 amd64      [boot] [reboot] amd64 motherboard: Intel DG965WH mothe
o amd64/128978 amd64      [install] FreeBSD 6.3 64-bit  panics at boot time duri
o amd64/128810 amd64      AMD 64 port installation
o amd64/128765 amd64      [install] Install CD loads to Install choices but stop
o amd64/128263 amd64      [panic] 2 amd64 dl380 g5 with dual quadcore xeons, 8 a
o amd64/128259 amd64      csh(1): "`" crashes csh
o amd64/127640 amd64      gcc(1) will not build shared libraries with -fprofile-
o amd64/127484 amd64      [timecounters] Drift problem with FreeBSD 7.0 and 7.1 
o amd64/127451 amd64      [scheduler] incorrect load on quad core
o amd64/127397 amd64      [amd64] 32bit application on FreeBSD-6.3 amd64 gets SI
s amd64/127276 amd64      ldd(1) invokes linux yes
o amd64/125873 amd64      [smbd] [panic] Repeated kernel panics, trap 12 page fa
o amd64/125002 amd64      [install] amd64, SATA hard disks not detected
o amd64/124432 amd64      [panic] 7.0-STABLE panic: invalbuf: dirty bufs
o amd64/124134 amd64      [kernel] The kernel doesn't follow the calling convent
o amd64/123562 amd64      [install] FreeBSD amd64 not installs
o amd64/123520 amd64      [ahd] unable to boot from net while using ahd
p amd64/123456 amd64      fstat(1): /usr/bin/fstat shows error messages and hang
f amd64/123275 amd64      [cbb] [pcmcia] cbb/pcmcia drivers on amd64 failure [re
o kern/122782  amd64      [modules] accf_http.ko kernel module is not loadable
o amd64/122695 amd64      [cpufreq] Lack of cpufreq control using amd64 eith cor
o amd64/122624 amd64      unusable minimal installation of FreeBSD-7.0
o amd64/122549 amd64      7.0-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso doesn't work w/ serial 
o amd64/122468 amd64      Compile problems after upgrading to 7.0
o amd64/122174 amd64      [panic] 7.0 no longer includes "device atpic" so fails
f amd64/121590 amd64      [est] [p4tcc] [acpi_perf] setting dev.cpu.0.freq somet
o amd64/120202 amd64      [amd64] [patch] [panic] kernel panic at start_all_aps,
o amd64/119591 amd64      [amd64] [patch] time_t on 64-bit architecture
o amd64/117418 amd64      [hang] FreeBSD 6.2 crash on amd64 4400+ with ssh
o amd64/117316 amd64      [acpi] ACPI lockups on SuperMicro motherboard
o amd64/117296 amd64      [ata] I don`t see second SATA IDE on VIA VT8237A
a amd64/117186 amd64      [modules] kldload Unsupported file type on STABLE amd6
s amd64/116689 amd64      [request] support for MSI K9MM-V
o amd64/116620 amd64      [hang] ifconfig spins when creating carp(4) device on 
o amd64/116322 amd64      [panic] At start fsck on current, the system panics
o amd64/116159 amd64      [panic] Panic while debugging on CURRENT
s amd64/115815 amd64      [ata] [request] Gigabyte GA-M61P-S3 Motherboard unsupp
o amd64/115581 amd64      [Makefile] [patch] -mfancy-math-387 has no effect
o amd64/115194 amd64      LCD screen remains blank after Dell XPS M1210 lid is c
o amd64/114270 amd64      [cpufreq] cpufreq doesnt work when compiled in to kern
o amd64/112222 amd64      [libc] 32-bit libc incorrectly converts some FP number
o amd64/110599 amd64      [geli] geli attach to gmirror device hangs and cannot 
s amd64/108861 amd64      [nve] nve(4) driver on FreeBSD 6.2 AMD64 does not work
o amd64/106186 amd64      [panic] panic in swap_pager_swap_init (amd64/smp/6.2-p
f amd64/105531 amd64      [ata] gigabyte GA-M51GM-S2G / nVidia nForce 430 - does
f amd64/105514 amd64      [boot] FreeBSD/amd64 - Fails to boot on HP Pavilion dv
o amd64/102716 amd64      ex with no argument in an xterm gets SIGSEGV
o amd64/97337  amd64      [dri] xorg reboots system if dri module is enabled
o amd64/95888  amd64      [ata] kernel: ad2: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying on HP 
o amd64/94677  amd64      [panic] panic in amd64 install at non-root user creati
o amd64/93961  amd64      [busdma] Problem in bounce buffer handling in sys/amd6
o amd64/92337  amd64      [em] FreeBSD 6.0 Release Intel Pro 1000 MT em1 no buff
o amd64/91405  amd64      [asr] [panic] Kernel panic caused by asr on 6.0-amd64 
o amd64/89501  amd64      [install] System crashes on install using ftp on local
o amd64/88790  amd64      [panic] kernel panic on first boot (after the FreeBSD 
o amd64/88568  amd64      [panic] 6.0-RELEASE install cd does not boot with usb 
o amd64/87689  amd64      [powerd] [hang] powerd hangs SMP Opteron 244 5-STABLE
o amd64/87305  amd64      [smp] Dual Opteron / FreeBSD 5 & 6 / powerd results in
s amd64/85273  amd64      [install] FreeBSD (NetBSD or OpenBSD) not install on l
o amd64/78406  amd64      [panic]AMD64 w/ SCSI: issue 'rm -r /usr/ports' and sys
o amd64/76136  amd64      [hang] system halts before reboot
o amd64/74747  amd64      [panic] System panic on shutdown when process will not

103 problems total.

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