PostGIS+FreeBSD 6.0 (AMD64) and Shared object "" not found

Roland Smith rsmith at
Mon Mar 16 15:39:22 PDT 2009

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 02:14:34PM -0700, Jeff Hamann wrote:
> I apologize for the cross post, but I can't seem to get any traction on
> solving this problem. I'm a serious autoconf, automake, and libtool
> newbie, and I'm trying to get postgis up on a FreeBSD6.0-AMD64, and keep
> getting the following results when I gmake test in
> postgresql-8.3.5/contrib/postgis directory:

Is there a reason why you aren't using the version in ports?

Try the following (as root):

  cd /usr/ports/databases/postgis; make install clean

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