Netvault on FreeBSD-7.2 AMD64

Fabian Wenk fabian at
Mon Jun 29 17:56:36 UTC 2009

Hello Karsten

On 29.06.09 12:19, Karsten Thygesen wrote:
> Hi
> We use FreeBSD-7.2 (p2, amd64) but it turns out, that there is  
> problems running Netvault.
> Netvault only support FreeBSD in 32bit (and I can verify, that it  
> works just fine here), so we are on out own with 64bit support.
> I'm quite new to 64bit edition of FreeBSD, so there might be something  
> simple, that I do not know about, but when I try to run one of the  
> netvault binaries, I get this error:
> [karthy at karthywork ~]$ ./txtconfig
> ELF interpreter /libexec/ not found
> Abort trap: 6

Build also the 32-bit libraries according to 
/usr/src/tools/lib32/README (from my 6.4-RELEASE system):

Set WITH_LIB32=yes in /etc/make.conf and do a buildworld/installworld.

Alternatively, if you have just done a buildworld/installworld, 
you might be able to 'make build32' and 'make install32' in the 
top of the /usr/src tree.

On my system the following files are around:

$ file /libexec/ld-elf*
/libexec/       ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, 
version 1 (FreeBSD), stripped
/libexec/     ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 
80386, version 1 (FreeBSD), dynamically linked, stripped

Hope this will help.


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