Declaration of intrcnt and eintrcnt in amd64/amd64/support.S

Bruce Evans brde at
Fri Jun 5 10:35:04 UTC 2009

On Thu, 4 Jun 2009, Tseng, Kuo-Lang wrote:

> Currently these two variables are stored in the .text section because they are declared without a .data directive. Is there any reason why they are not declared with .data directive? Or this is missing?

This is just a bug, as is formatting mail for 220-column terminals.
It is missing in the reference i386 version which has a .data directive
before some other variables that don't exist on amd64.  Apparently,
these variables only work because the text section is not write
protected.  Write protection of the text section was lost long ago on

intrnames and eintrnames are also in the text section.


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