8.0-BETA2 not getting my 4Gigs of ram

Mark Stapper stark at mapper.nl
Fri Aug 14 07:42:21 UTC 2009

Claus Guttesen wrote:
>> BIOS reports (around) 4GiB
>> Gentoo reports appr. 2.9GiB
>> *cough* Windows *cough* reports 4GiB
>> I'll get on the dmesg once I get home.
>> Greetz,
>> Mark
> You might want to try to download an image from memtest.org.
I actually made a typo...
Gentoo reports 3.9GiB (bad type I know)
My memory is fine. It's been running very, very stable for over 2 years.
I've been searching the net, and I think Kostik is right, it's just a
"cosmetic" info message in early boot, but still, sloppy...
So I will do the verbose boot and post dmesg here. I do think it is
strange that it states that I have the exact amount of 2 Gibibyte of
"real memory" in dmesg.
Could it be a limitation of my motherboard driver?
I can't imagine it's like this on all amd64 systems... Someone might
have said something right?
In any way I'll post the verbose boot logging here tonight/tomorrow when
I get home from work.

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