HP ProLiant DL165 G5

famd64 famd64 at ccstores.com
Sun Nov 16 20:30:24 PST 2008

purchased noted rack mount server with the 'hope' it
would function with FreeBSD 7.0 AMD

7.0 had an issue with spurious interrupts. I tried 7.1B2,
and the interrupt storm disappeared.

On a positive note, the dual-quad core AMD chips function
great, and FreeBSD seems to handle all 8 processors and 8Gb ram
just fine.

I find that the BGE ethernet driver fails under prolonged use.
Seems to me that the BGE driver hasn't been all that reliable
for as many years as I've used it.

As a test, I installed SuSe Linux and Debian on the server.
The ethernet seemed to function fine with both OSes. Just dandy
except I *want* and -need- to run FreeBSD.

The computer has 1 half height and 1 full height card bay
available which I can place an ethernet card in to bypass the
built-in BGE ethernet. I would like recommendation as to the
'best'/most reliable ethernet card I can install in my machine.
Jim Pazarena  famd64 at ccstores.com

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