Acer Aspire M1100

Joaquin Llamas Aspa jllamasaspa at
Sun May 25 21:47:13 UTC 2008


     I've purchased an Acer Aspire M1100 this weekend (has a AMD64x2).

     I'm experiencing some issues booting it up.

     I've downloaded FreeBSD7.0, and if I boot from the first disc or from
the boot only, the system just keeps reporting lots of kernel trap until I
end up having a screen that moves no more, and then it has sort of "wong
codepage" and no way to do anything.

     I've thought about energy savings settings or ACPI, and I've booted the
same CD, and when I'm prompted I enter "2-Disable ACPI", and doing so this
way, a different behaviour appears, and the machine freezes when tries to
mount md0 device. but no way to recover from this stage.

     I've installed FreeBSD quite few times on the past, and I'm having
FreeBSD7 on another AMD64 machine I've got but.... didn't see this before.

     Do you have any clue about what could I do in order to fix this?

     I've purchased this unit because i wanted to convert it to a FreeBSD
Joaquin Llamas Aspa

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