FreeBSD 7.0R and 7.0CURRENT (amd64) show only 2, 5Gb RAM from 8Gb

Nifty violentsense at
Thu May 22 12:38:30 UTC 2008

>>Do either of the motherboards have a memory-hole related setting? If so,
>>does changing it (eg to ignore the memory hole) make more memory visible
>>FreeBSD? This is a common 'issue' with systems that have more than ~3GiB
>>RAM - the area of memory reserved for 32-bit PCI devices (the 'memory
>>above) can prevent access to memory beyond it.

I don't have options called 'memory hole', but in ASUS Commando BIOS I have
option named 'Memory remap', seems this is what you talking about.
By default this option is enabled and FreeBSD/OpenBSD can see 2,1Gb RAM from
8Gb, when I switch off this option - FreeBSD/OpenBSD can see 2,6Gb RAM from
8Gb. The same things I get when use x86 version of xBSD, so I didn't see any
changes when migrate to xBSD 'amd64' version :(

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