FreeBSD 7.0R and 7.0CURRENT (amd64) show only 2, 5Gb RAM from 8Gb

Nifty violentsense at
Thu May 22 12:31:53 UTC 2008

>>No!  If you have more than 4 Gb.  FreeBSD will use it.
>>What does 'uname -m' show?  What motherboard do you have?

I have 8Gb of RAM in 4 DIMM's on each system. 

First PC:
	RAM: 8Gb, 4 x 2Gb Corsair PC2-6400 modules
	CPU: Intel C2Q 2.4GHz
	M/B: ASUS Commando (iP965)
	Video: nVidia 6800GS

Second PC:
	RAM: 8Gb, 4 x 2Gb PC2-6400 Patriot modules
	CPU: Intel C2D 2.4GHz
	M/B: Gigabyte GA-G33-DS3R (iG33)
	Video: int.

On both computers I get similar results - for example, on second PC:

dmesg -------------------------------------

OpenBSD 4.3 (GENERIC.MP) #1582: Wed Mar 12 11:16:45 MDT 2008
    deraadt at
real mem = 3485982720 (3324MB)
avail mem = 3370606592 (3214MB)
mainbus0 at root

'boot> machine memory' ---------------------

Region 0: type 1 at 0x0 for 634KB
Region 1: type 2 at 0xf0000 for 64KB
Region 2: type 2 at 0xfec00000 for 20480KB
Region 3: type 2 at 0xd0000000 for 262144KB
Region 4: type 2 at 0x9f800 for 2KB
Region 5: type 2 at 0xcfcf0000 for 64KB
Region 6: type 1 at 0x100000 for 3403648KB
Region 7: type 3 at 0xcfce3000 for 52KB
Region 8: type 4 at 0xcfce0000 for 12KB
Region 9: type 1 at 0x100000000 for 4980736KB
Low ram: 634KB High ram: 3403648KB
Total free memory: 8385018KB


Thanks to all for replies!

At this time I can't do more research on this problem, but at weekend I have
a lot time for testing and get one more PC with i975X chipset. So, after
Sunday I'll post results of testing x64 versions of FreeBSD 7.0/8.0, Ubuntu
Linux and OpenBSD on my three PC's with 8Gb RAM.


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