amd64/123495: 7.0 AMD64 doesn't install on a Dell SC1435

Dieter freebsd at
Fri May 9 15:40:14 UTC 2008

> I wasn't aware of the pciconf command.  It's kinda cool.

I just noticed that pciconf -lv doesn't report everything, try
pciconf -lvc.

> Now I'm wondering if
> I can use it to write the proper data to the configuration register telling it
> to not be in PATA mode.  OTOH, the potential to do improper things seems great
> so this is a bit scary<so I'm open to all thoughts ;>.

So there is a configuration registor on the controller that says pretend
to be PATA?  Or is it some flag in the system firmware?

You could hack the device driver to ignore it and use SATA mode?

> I wonder if the dell is feeding bogus data to fbsd 7, or fbsd 7 is
> misinterpreting what it's getting from the dell? 

You could add (or turn on existing) printfs to report the raw data.
Have you tried a verbose boot?

The BSDs are far too dependant on firmware.  And the firmware is
usually buggy.  :-(

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