amd64/123495: 7.0 AMD64 doesn't install on a Dell SC1435

Dieter freebsd at
Thu May 8 14:49:45 UTC 2008

> -}> FBSD 6.x AMD64 works great on this system, as does centos linux.
> -}> When I try to install 7.0 (AMD64 of course), on boot (off the
> -}> cdrom) I notice:
> -}>    ad4: DMA limited to UDMA33, device found non-ATA66 cable
> -}> 
> -}> Not sure if that is an important clue but it seems to be.  I
> -}> know my cables are SATA-II, FWIW.
> -}
> -}Somewhere in the BIOS settings should be an option to switch the SATA disks to
> -}AHCI, maybe this helps.
> -}
> -}On most BIOS this setting is in the P-ATA mode, which is a slower
> -}compatibility mode and is needed for the Redmond OS to work.
> Hey Fabian,
> Tnx for the tip.  Unfortunately there is no such setting on this system.  My
> choices are "OFF" or "AUTO".  In auto mode they appear to be correctly
> identified, giving the make and model #.

So... with 6.x you get something like

ad4: 715404MB <Seagate ST3750640AS 3.AAE> at ata2-master SATA300

but with 7.0 the SATA300 (or SATA150) is replaced with UDMA33 ?
With no changes to hardware, and no changes to firmware settings?

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