amd64/123495: 7.0 AMD64 doesn't install on a Dell SC1435

Fabian Wenk fabian at
Wed May 7 20:31:16 UTC 2008

Hello Randy

On 07.05.08 18:21, Randy Schultz wrote:
> FBSD 6.x AMD64 works great on this system, as does centos linux.
> When I try to install 7.0 (AMD64 of course), on boot (off the
> cdrom) I notice:
>    ad4: DMA limited to UDMA33, device found non-ATA66 cable
> Not sure if that is an important clue but it seems to be.  I
> know my cables are SATA-II, FWIW.

Somewhere in the BIOS settings should be an option to switch the 
SATA disks to AHCI, maybe this helps.

On most BIOS this setting is in the P-ATA mode, which is a slower 
compatibility mode and is needed for the Redmond OS to work.


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