Dell blade Re: a fun project

Pete French petefrench at
Sun Mar 30 18:01:10 PDT 2008

> The tiny cables are the issue. Even the pcb finger connector on the drive is
> a quarter of the pitch of, say a PCI connector. Tiny! Yes, the drive
> controller does both, but it's a fabrication issue. Too much time to make or
> chase down such a cable adapter.

I can sympathise with you in this one! I recently started using SAS for
the first time, and need a cable to connect a controller (HP P400i) to
a drive. Would have thought that was simple, but in the end I couldn't
find *anyone* in europe who had such a thing! had to special order one
from the states in the end ?! I guess most people using SAS don't connect
drives directly to controllers, but all use some hot-plug chassis or
something. Still, it amazed me how hard it was to find (and how expensive
whe I did find one).


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