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Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Thu Mar 27 22:42:25 PDT 2008

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:59:54 +0100
Ivaylo Mateev <imateev at uos.de> wrote:
> I am using FreeBSD/amd64 and have GeForce 7050PV in my Computer. This  
> graphic card can not be used with the nv driver, it's not supported,  
> and the nvidia driver :D :).Can I expect support for my grafic card  
> any time soon ?

Depends on what you mean by "support". It should work now using the
vga/svga driver, in vga/svga modes. It should work now using the nv
driver that's part of 7.3, which claims to support the GeForce 7xxxx
boards, but you've got one with a really odd bus (HyperTransport???),
which means I'm in over my head, but no one else has answered. That
could mean anything from "the nv driver will work if you turn off the
parts that HTX specific" to "your card won't be support until someone
writes the HTX bus driver for FreeBSD" (since the nvidia driver
supports it on i386, it shouldn't be that bad) - but in any case you
get at best 2d acceleration. The 64-bit binary driver from nvidia need
kernel support, and reports are it's being worked on, but adding
support for a binary driver is a political issue, but that's the only
option that gets full 3d-support.

Your best course of action depends on what you want. Possibilities
include patching the FreeBSD kernel to make the nvidia folks happy,
trying to use a 32-bit X11 server so you can use the nvidia binary
driver, trying to get the nv driver working, and getting a video card
that's already supported.

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