** FreeBSD 6.2 - amd64 - attempting to install 32bit library support **

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Sun Mar 16 18:16:47 UTC 2008

Hello David

On 27.02.08 02:01, David wrote:
> After doing some reasarch, I found the following
> possibility although I could find no specific
> documentation what-so-ever.  
> 1. cd /usr/src
> 2. make build32
> 3. make install32
> 4. ldconfig -32 /usr/lib32

In my /etc/make.conf I have the following line:


And after building and installing the world the 32-bit Libraries 
are in /usr/lib32/.

> My concern is whether this procedure overwrites any
> current libraries on the FreeBSD 6.2 64 bit system or
> attempts to change anything drastically (such as
> convert the system back to a 32 bit OS).   Also, does
> this install modify the kernel?   

This should not happen, see also /usr/src/tools/lib32/README for a 
little more informations:

# $FreeBSD: src/tools/lib32/README,v 1.2 2004/11/25 04:25:21 peter 
Exp $

Set WITH_LIB32=yes in /etc/make.conf and do a buildworld / 

Alternatively, if you have just done a buildworld/installworld, 
you might be able to 'make build32' and 'make install32' in the 
top of the /usr/src tree.

So I guess the steps which you have mention above will just work 
and not do any damage.


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