running 32-bit mplayer (win32codecs) on FreeBSD-7.0-amd64

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Mon Mar 10 17:28:41 UTC 2008

I've found some discussions about how to use a jail to build 32-bit ports 
on amd64, bu my need is simpler, I just need to be able to run win32codecs 
on an amd64 machine. Do I need to

1. build the relevant package chain on a i386 machine with the same major 
FreeBSD version, using LOCALBASE=/something-32

2. install the packages on the amd64 machine, in a separate root 

3. set up ldconfig32_paths on the amd64 machine

4. just run the binary from the /something-32/path

and hopefully it will work?

Has anyone done this specifically with mplayer. All I need this for is to 
be able to convert one bloody wmv format, WVP2 (which is only supported 
though the win32codecs), into flv. sic... Lot of hassle, bu it has to be 


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