Acer 1440x900 LCD Displays support in 7.0?

Torfinn Ingolfsen torfinn.ingolfsen at
Sat Mar 8 21:45:08 UTC 2008

On Sat, 08 Mar 2008 19:42:48 +0100
Gary Jennejohn <gary.jennejohn at> wrote:

> Probably not. The radeon driver (automatically loaded by the ati
> driver) doesn't seem to support the X550 directly (man radeon).

I don'r know about the resolution and stuff, but the radeon driver
supports the X550. Here is a few lines snipped from /var/log/Xorg.0.log:
(--) Chipset ATI Radeon X550 (RV370) 5B63 (PCIE) found
(--) RADEON(0): Chipset: "ATI Radeon X550 (RV370) 5B63 (PCIE)" (ChipID
= 0x5b63)
root at kg-quiet# pciconf -lv | grep -A 8 drm0
drm0 at pci1:0:0:  class=0x030000 card=0x09641462 chip=0x5b631002 rev=0x00
hdr=0x00 vendor     = 'ATI Technologies Inc'
    device     = 'Radeon X550 Series'
    class      = display
    subclass   = VGA
none1 at pci1:0:1: class=0x038000 card=0x09651462 chip=0x5b731002 rev=0x00
hdr=0x00 vendor     = 'ATI Technologies Inc'
    device     = 'Radeon X550 Series - Secondary'
    class      = display

This is on a mchine that runs:
root at kg-quiet# uname -a
FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE #20: Thu Jan 24
00:42:47 CET 2008     root at

with Xorg:
root at kg-quiet# portversion -v | grep xorg-server
xorg-server-1.4_4,1         =  up-to-date with port 

The only special thing i had to do was to specify my mode with 
 Modes   "1280x1024" "1024x768"
in /etc/X11/xorg.conf

without that, my LCD monitor would run in a non-native mode.

Torfinn Ingolfsen

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