panic: no BIOS SMAP info from loader

Bob Johnson fbsdlists at
Fri Mar 7 22:45:10 UTC 2008

On 2/27/08, Pete French <petefrench at> wrote:
> > Is there any time frame when this issue will be resolved. I have 15 HP
> > computers that I want to install 7.0 on.
> I know you posted to the amd64 list, but if you could use i386 in
> the interim then there *is* a fix for the ACPI problem on HP
> qorkstations there - not in 7.0 but theres a patch which makes it
> work fine. Am happily using a dc5750 here in 32 bit mode
> pending a fix for SMP when we can move it to 64 bit.

This isn't an ACPI problem. I'm running FreeBSD i386 on a dc7700 with
no problems. Well, no obvious ACPI problems - the graphics card is
buggy, and its sound system does strange things that I haven't had
time to investigate, but other than that... remind me to never have
anything to do with an HP computer again.

The "no BIOS SMAP" problem is that its BIOS refuses to give memory
information to FreeBSD AMD64, so it can't boot.

- Bob

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