amd64 platform newbie -- what video card for x11?

Isaac Mushinsky itz at
Wed Mar 5 04:10:39 UTC 2008

After using a FreeBSD/i386 for many years, I am getting new Intel x64 hardware 
now (Core 2 Quad, Abit IP35-Pro, would like as much RAM as possible). I would 
like to run amd64.

Since nvidia drivers always worked for me, I ordered one of their later cards 
(8500GT), only to find out now that nvidia drivers are not there for amd64.

So my 2 questions are: 

1) does the open nv driver work? I do not play games or really need 3D 
acceleration, just want basic 2D and things like mplayer to work properly.
2) should I return nvidia card and get something else? Is there a better 
reasonably working card?


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