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Julian Stacey jhs at
Sun Mar 2 10:48:50 UTC 2008

> From:		Lars Tunkrans <lars.tunkrans at> 
> Date:		Sat, 01 Mar 2008 19:24:00 +0100 

Lars Tunkrans wrote:
> It Is my opinion that the release media should transition  to DVD  format .
> All new hardware is shipped with DVD-players  these days and the old stuff
> with CD players   is becoming rather uncommon.

The wish is not new, & not specific to this list amd64 at,
& has already discussed to completion (on hackers@ I guess), but briefly:

  CDROM Uncommon in shops [if true] != uncommon in machines in use.

  A DVD would not obviate need for CDs too.

  A DVD would present more load on mirrors.

  The re@ team don't have infinite free time to also roll a DVD for
  free download. (& they're probably tired, after just rolling
  2 releases in quick succesion 6.3 & 7.0 & deserve a break :-)

  Anyone who wants could roll a DVD, & post URL to script & image.
  I guess if anyone commits their time to do that, some subset of
  existing mirrors would be willing to carry it.

  You can also order/buy a DVD,

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