ohci_add_done PANIC

Warren Liddell shinjii at maydias.com
Tue Jun 10 13:51:18 UTC 2008

I have seen many posts and articles floating around that deals with 
this issue, so id like to know how to get around it, without the need 
to disable legacy support?

amt my only work around is disabling legacy support, unplugging ALL 
USB devices then FreeBSD not only installs without causing a panic as 
well as runs, but it detects all the USB devices AFTER boot has been 
done, how ever X dosent seem to want to recognise it.

There other issues, however with having to swap from 1 comp to 
another running from FreeBSD, i have no ability to paste dmesg or 
anything like that.

ports & world are upto date as of 2 days ago .. however i am unable 
to configure the kernel, so its using factory defaults that came with 
6.3-RELEASE a few mnths ago .. issues with that are related to 
various options not beign able to determine size.

I understand a lot of this is vague, but more information can be 
provided if needs be.

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