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dfeustel at wrote:
> I have encountere what seems to be strangeness in the way mount works
> when mounting msdos file systems on usb mass storage devices.  I have a
> 14-in-one usb reader connected to my computer running AMD 64-bit FreeBSD
> 7.0 release. At boot, there are four special files in /dev for the usb
> devices: /dev/da[0-3]. All attempts to mount an msdos file system using
> the command "mount -t msdosfs /dev/daNs1 /mnt" fail with the message "no
> such file or directory". Checking /dev, there are no special files of
> the form daNs1. If I then do "mount -t msdosfs /dev/daN" I get the
> message "invalid argument", BUT there is now in the /dev directory an
> entry daNs1, and the next "mount -t /dev/daNs1 /mnt" command succeeds
> :-).  This behavior is repeated for each mount of an msdos file system
> on a previously unused device socket on the usb reader. The newly
> created devices remain after they are unmounted, so this problem goes
> away until reboot, at which time the device files of form daNs1 are
> deleted. 
> I have not found any FreeBSD documentation of this behavior yet. 
> Is this behavior known and expected? (I'm a FreeBSD newbie.)

Behaviour is known. Same on 6.2 as well.  Both on i386 & amd64.
In my 6 usbd.conf & 7 devd.conf I have dummy reads to first trigger
creation of extra devices.

> Thanks,
> Dave Feustel
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