CFT: k8temp driver

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Mon Feb 11 22:28:22 PST 2008

On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 08:39:18PM +0000, Rui Paulo wrote:
>> Feb 11 05:32:41 claus kernel: k8temp0: can't clear config 
>> registerdevice_attach: k8temp0 attach returned 6
>Hmm. I'm not sure your CPU is supported. Could you try sysutils/k8temp and 
>run it with the -d argument ?

It looks like it is:
claus# k8temp -d
CPUID: Vendor: AuthenticAMD, Id=0x40f82 Model=8 Family=15 Stepping=2
Advanced Power Management=0x3f
   Temperature sensor: Yes
 Frequency ID control: Yes
   Voltage ID control: Yes
    THERMTRIP support: Yes
   HW Thermal control: Yes
   SW Thermal control: Yes
   100MHz multipliers: No
   HW P-State control: No
        TSC Invariant: No
Thermtrip=0x00640e24 (CurTmp=0x64 (51c) TjOffset=0x00 DiodeOffset=0x0e (-3c))
CPU 0 Core 0 Sensor 0: 51c
Thermtrip=0x00000e64 (CurTmp=0x00 (-49c) TjOffset=0x00 DiodeOffset=0x0e (-3c))
Thermtrip=0x00670e20 (CurTmp=0x67 (54c) TjOffset=0x00 DiodeOffset=0x0e (-3c))
CPU 0 Core 1 Sensor 0: 54c
Thermtrip=0x00000e60 (CurTmp=0x00 (-49c) TjOffset=0x00 DiodeOffset=0x0e (-3c))

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