firefox3 from ports?

Dieter freebsd at
Thu Aug 28 16:43:02 UTC 2008

[ -alpha@ added ]

> > From what I gather the problems could show up on other
> > 64-bit platforms.

Alignment requirements vary with CPU arch, but is not a 32 vs 64 bit issue.

> > 	warning: cast from ... to ... increases
> > 	required alignment of target type
> No such warnings on amd64.  I think they only show up on architectures
> that require strict alignment, and amd64 doesn't.

> FWIW, building firefox on OpenBSD/alpha and /sparc64 produces lots
> of these warnings, but after all the pointer casting games are done,
> the actual accesses still come out properly aligned and firefox
> runs.

Very interesting.  Are you saying that the compiler warnings are wrong?
Are you saying that a 2nd cast is done before the actual access which
undoes the increase in alignment?  Do you know for certain that the code
in question is getting executed?  Given the large amount of code in
firefox, and the large number of features, I can imagine that lots of
code only gets executed under rare occasions.

> > What is the easiest way to build this port with gcc42?

Try setting your PATH so that gcc42 is first.  Verify by running
"gcc -v".

Are the alignment warnings the only remaining compiler warnings?

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