Experiences with RELENG_7

Roland Smith rsmith at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 27 17:09:19 PDT 2007

On Sun, Oct 28, 2007 at 01:44:21AM +0200, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> Roland Smith wrote:
>> Hovewer, sometimes a program seems to hog the CPU for a couple of
>> seconds (as seen in top(1))
> Can you please explain (with supporting paste of command output) what you 
> mean by this?

I'll save some top output next time. But what happened was this; all of
a sudden the mouse pointer started moving erratically, and the music
playing in audacious started skipping. All other X programs started
responding erratically as well. It looked like the X server wasn't
getting any CPU time. After starting top in a terminal I saw that telak
was at 99% WCPU. That is odd, because it's job is to keep a couple of
pictures on the X root window updated every minute. I've used the same
port (same version even) on 6-STABLE with SCHED_4BSD without these
symptoms. It is started from my ~/.xinitrc.

After killing telak, the situation returned to normal. I restarted
telak, and a couple of hours later it happened again.

It also happened with cc1 when I was compiling a port. In that case the
situation returned to normal when that particular instance was
finished. That compilation was running in a terminal window that was
iconified at the time.

In case I forgot to mention it, I deleted and recompiled all ports after
the 6->7 update to make sure there was no old cruft lying around. I am
running a custom kernel because I'm using GEOM_ELI. Do you need to see
my kernel config?

>> and interactivity suffers
>> tremendously. Could this be the scheduler getting mixed up? This happened
>> two times with graphics/telak, which I use to put update some graphs on
>> my desktop every minute. In both cases I killed the program. But it also
>> happened one time with cc1 during compilation of a program.
> This is usually caused by the system running out of memory and touching 
> swap.  Have you ruled this out?

According to conky, memory usage was at around 35% (of 1GB) and swap
usage was unused. Those are pretty regular values for this system.

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