Status Qeurry Intel 965 Chipset Support

Fast Turtle fturtle at
Fri Oct 12 09:53:47 PDT 2007

I've checked the archives and don't see anything new on the Intel 965
chipset support and was wondering if anyone is using an Intel board
with the 965 chipset and what issues are still being faced. I'm currently
running Gentoo in 32bit mode due to performance issues with more then 2GB
under x86_64 Linux.

System Specs:
Intel DQ965GF motherboard w/4GB DDR2-800 - using ALSA Intel-hda sound
modules (works fine), X11 drivers (work), Linux 2.6.22 kernel with AHCI
(sata support - No IDE in system), sr_mod (needed for DVD Burner), Intel
E1000 NIC driver (built-in/module does work) USB/Ieee1394 modules (work).

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