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Fri May 25 15:30:25 UTC 2007

On 5/24/07, Conrad J. Sabatier <conrads at cox.net> wrote:
> Actually, section 3.17.14 in the gcc 4.2.0 docs (Intel 386 and AMD
> x86-64 Options) states that there is now also available a new "native"
> CPU type, which will cause gcc to determine the CPU type of the build
> machine and generate code for the same.  No more guesswork needed on
> the part of the user!
> I've already tried it here, setting "CPUTYPE=native" in /etc/make.conf,
> and it works fine.  Pretty nifty, huh?  :-)
I found that you DO NOT want to use CPUTYPE=native in /etc/make.conf.  CPUTYPE is used to set MACHINE_CPU in share/mk/bsd.cpu.mk. 

hp010# cd /usr/src/7x
hp010# make CPUTYPE=native -V MACHINE_CPU
unknown amd64 sse2 sse mmx

amd64 sse2 sse

hp010# make CPUTYPE=k8 -V MACHINE_CPU
k8 3dnow amd64 sse2 sse mmx

hp010# make CPUTYPE=nocona -V MACHINE_CPU
sse3 amd64 sse2 sse mmx

Instead use:

gcc -v -x c -E -mtune=native /dev/null -o /dev/null 2>&1 | grep mtune | sed -e -e 's/.*mtune=//'

to determine what to set CPUTYPE to for your system.

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