compile 32bit port on FreeBSD 6.2 amd64 ?

Mike Meyer mwm at
Mon May 21 15:54:26 UTC 2007

In <4651766B.5080901 at>, Craig Butler <craig001 at> typed:
> Hi All
> Is there a way to compile 32bit versions of ports and 64 bit FreeBSD ?

Yes. Or no, depending on what you meant. Neither the ports nor
packages system supports cross-platform installation, so you'll have
to build and install everything yourself. 

Of course, support for 32bit compilation beyond rebuilding the base
system doesn't really exist. You'll need to install the 32 bit
libraries from the base system; there are hooks in the makefiles to do
that for you. You'll have to tell gcc to use those instead of the
standard ones; the -m32 flag that causes it to generate 32bit code
doesn't do that. You'll also need to install the i386
platform-dependent header files and tell gcc to use those; I don't
believe there's a simple way to do that, but it's not all that

> I am sure this question must have been asked in the past, but the
> archives are broke atm on the mailing list.

Several times, some recently. Personally, I very seldom found the
archives to be useful, and use instead.

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