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Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o amd64/89202  amd64      [ufs] [panic] Kernel crash when accessing filesystem w
o amd64/112222 amd64      32-bit libc incorrectly converts some FP numbers
o amd64/112509 amd64      amd64: WITHOUT_LIBPTHREAD=true installs 32-bit libthr

3 problems total.

Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o amd64/69707  amd64      IPC32 dont work OK in amd64 FreeBSD
o amd64/71644  amd64      [panic] amd64 5.3-BETA4 crash when heavy load
o amd64/73252  amd64      ad6: WARNING - READ_DMA interrupt was seen but timeout
o amd64/73322  amd64      [msdosfs] [hang] unarchiving /etc to msdosfs locks up 
o amd64/73650  amd64      5.3-release panics on boot
o amd64/74747  amd64      System panic on shutdown when process will not die
o amd64/76136  amd64      system halts before reboot
o amd64/78406  amd64      [panic]AMD64 w/ SCSI: issue 'rm -r /usr/ports' and sys
o amd64/80114  amd64      kldload snd_ich causes interrupt storm when ACPI is en
o amd64/80691  amd64      amd64 kernel hangs on load
o amd64/82425  amd64      [fxp] fxp0: device timeout, fxp interface dies on 5.4/
o amd64/82555  amd64      Kernel Panic - after i connect to my "amd64" from anot
o amd64/83005  amd64      Memory Occupied during installation of the FreeBSD 5.4
o amd64/84832  amd64      Installation crashes just at boot AMD64/ Version 5.4
o amd64/85431  amd64      AMD64 has short but temporary freezes (hangups) on Sun
o amd64/85451  amd64      [hang] 6.0-BETA3 lockups on AMD64 (PREEMPTION only)
o amd64/86080  amd64      [radeon] [hang] radeon DRI causes system hang on amd64
o amd64/86503  amd64      [atapicam] [panic] k3b crash the system like hardware 
o amd64/87156  amd64      First Installation: Kernel crashes
o amd64/87258  amd64      [smp] [boot] cannot boot with SMP and Areca ARC-1160 r
o amd64/87305  amd64      [smp] Dual Opteron / FreeBSD 5 & 6 / powerd results in
o amd64/87316  amd64      [vge] "vge0 attach returned 6" on FreeBSD 6.0-RC1 amd6
o amd64/87348  amd64      amd64+smp+startkde always crashing
o amd64/87472  amd64      I downloaded 5.4 and went to install it, but it keeps 
o amd64/87689  amd64      [powerd] [hang] powerd hangs SMP Opteron 244 5-STABLE
o amd64/87977  amd64      [busdma] [panic] amd64 busdma dflt_lock called (by ata
o amd64/88299  amd64      swapcontext fails with errno 0
f amd64/88568  amd64      [panic] 6.0-RELEASE install cd does not boot with usb 
o amd64/88790  amd64      kernel panic on first boot (after the FreeBSD installa
o amd64/89501  amd64      System crashes on install using ftp on local subnet
o amd64/89503  amd64      Cant Boot Installation Disk
o amd64/89546  amd64      [geom] GEOM error
o amd64/89550  amd64      [sym] [patch] sym0: VTOBUS failed (6.0 Release)
o amd64/91405  amd64      [asr] [panic] Kernel panic caused by asr on 6.0-amd64 
o amd64/91492  amd64      BTX halted
o amd64/92337  amd64      [em] FreeBSD 6.0 Release Intel Pro 1000 MT em1 no buff
o amd64/92889  amd64      [libc] xdr double buffer overflow
o amd64/93961  amd64      [busdma] Problem in bounce buffer handling in sys/amd6
o amd64/94677  amd64      panic in amd64 install at non-root user creation
o amd64/94989  amd64      BTX Halts on Sun Fire X2100 w/6.1-BETA4 (amd64) and 5.
o amd64/95414  amd64      kernel crashes during install
o amd64/95888  amd64      kernel: ad2: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying on HP DL140G
a amd64/96981  amd64      reproducible instant reboot by unprivileged user
o amd64/97075  amd64      Panic, Trap 12
o amd64/97337  amd64      [dri] xorg reboots system if dri module is enabled
f amd64/99561  amd64      system hangs in FreeBSD AMD64 when writting ext2fs
o amd64/102122 amd64      6.1-RELEASE amd64 Install Media panics on boot.
s amd64/104311 amd64      ports/wine should be installable on amd64
o amd64/105207 amd64      nVidia MCP55 drivers fail to boot on 6.2B3 amd64
o amd64/105531 amd64      [sata] gigabyte GA-M51GM-S2G / nVidia nForce 430 - doe
o amd64/105629 amd64      [re] TrendNet TEG-BUSR 10/100/1000 disables itself on 
o amd64/106604 amd64      saslauthd crashes with signal 6 on FreeBSD  6.2-PREREL
o amd64/106918 amd64      [re] Asus P5B with internal RealTek PCIe Ethernet gets
o amd64/107345 amd64      [panic] Kernel Panic/Crash on dd if=/dev/ad4 of=/dev/a
o amd64/108861 amd64      [nve] nve(4) driver on FreeBSD 6.2 AMD64 does not work
f amd64/109584 amd64      zdump doesn't work
o amd64/110655 amd64      [threads] 32 bit threaded applications crash on amd64 
f amd64/111337 amd64      [hang] The system freezes when large file is transferr
o amd64/111955 amd64      Install CD boot panic due to missing BIOS smap on 5.5 
o amd64/111992 amd64      BTX failed - HP Laptop dv2315nr
s gnu/112215   amd64      [patch] gcc(1): "gcc -m32" attempts to link against 64
o amd64/112385 amd64      Lookupd on Kernel 64
o amd64/112528 amd64      NFS over TCP under load hangs with "impossible packet 

63 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o amd64/61209  amd64      ppc0: cannot reserve I/O port range
o amd64/63188  amd64      [ti] ti(4) broken on amd64
o amd64/69705  amd64      IPC problem (msq_queues)
o amd64/74608  amd64      [mpt] [hang] mpt hangs 5 minutes when booting
o amd64/74811  amd64      [nfs] df, nfs mount, negative Avail -> 32/64-bit confu
s amd64/85273  amd64      FreeBSD (NetBSD or OpenBSD) not install on laptop Comp
o amd64/87882  amd64      emu10k1 and APCI on amd64 is just noisy
o amd64/88730  amd64      kernel panics during booting from the installation CD
o amd64/91195  amd64      FreeBSD 6.0(amd64) and Asus A8R-MVP
a amd64/92527  amd64      [ciphy.c] ][patch] no driver for "CICADA VSC 8201 Giga
o amd64/93002  amd64      amd64 (6.0) coredumps at unpredictable times
a amd64/93090  amd64      NIC on GA-K8NF-9 motherboard is recognized, but does n
o amd64/97489  amd64      [ata] nForce 410 ATA controller dma time out (ASUS K8N
o amd64/100326 amd64      /dev/fd0 not created after installation FreeBSD 6.1 AM
o amd64/100347 amd64      No hardware support Silicon Image SiI 3132
o amd64/100838 amd64      FreeBSD 6.0/6.1 kernel panics when booting with EIST e
o amd64/101132 amd64      Incorrect cpu idle and usage statistics in top and sys
o amd64/101248 amd64      vi(1) can crash in ncurses(3) on amd64
o amd64/102716 amd64      ex with no argument in an xterm gets SIGSEGV
o amd64/103259 amd64      [ar] Cannot use ataraid on nvidia nForce4+amd64
o amd64/106186 amd64      [panic] panic in swap_pager_swap_init (amd64/smp/6.2-p
o amd64/107858 amd64      ASRock Conroe-945G-DVI motherboard: non-working sound 
f amd64/108345 amd64      6.2-* GENERIC will not boot Intel PD EMT64 w/ ACPI
o amd64/110599 amd64      [geli] geli attach to gmirror device hangs and cannot 
o amd64/111096 amd64      motherboard ASRock AM2NF6G-VSTA not supported
o amd64/112537 amd64      Install of 6.2 fails to recognize builtin LAN "card"

26 problems total.

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