kldload issue: "Exec format error" with amd64 FreeBSD

Yong Rao yrao at force10networks.com
Fri Aug 10 20:26:54 UTC 2007

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your email.

I checked the kernel configuration file we used. I noticed that the
options COMPAT_IA32 was included in that file. 

Yong Rao
Force10 Networks Inc.
San Jose, CA 95134

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On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 12:37:56PM -0700, Yong Rao wrote:
> The compiling passed without any problem. But while I do kldload the
> module, we got problem.
> kldload: can't load ./pnicdrv.ko: Exec format error
> kldload: Unsupported file type
> kldload: unexpected relocation type 7
> link_elf: symbol strcpy undefined
> What the problem is?

I've seen this happen on RELENG_6 amd64 (in other modules) when
COMPAT_IA32 is missing from the kernel config.  Taken from my own amd64

# Needed for accf_http.ko for sure.  May be other stuff that needs this
# We need this regardless of NO_LIB32=true in make.conf being used or
options         COMPAT_IA32             # Compatible with i386 binaries

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