amd crashes when memory is low

Danny Braniss danny at
Mon Aug 6 10:41:00 UTC 2007

> Hi,
> 	This is not new, but now that freebsd current is almost out, I'm
> trying it out again. amd (am-utils version 6.1.5) on an amd64 will crash when
> vm memory is low. In the past it was suggested to add 'plock=no' to
> /etc/amd.conf, but I have to check if it's read since I still see:
> 	Couldn't lock process pages in memory using mlockall(): \
> 		Resource temporarily unavailable
> I'll try it out under i386 and report later.

ok, it works under i386, because mlockall() does not fail, and hence
amd is locked in core, while it failes under amd64. this does not explain
why it crashes when swapped out, but that is another problem?


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