amd64/94989: BTX Halts on Sun Fire X2100 w/6.1-BETA4 (amd64) and 5.4-RELEASE (x86)

Chris Jones cdjones-freebsd-amd64 at
Tue Mar 28 09:43:18 UTC 2006

Ken Gunderson wrote:
> This uses the Tyan 2865 mainboard.  I have a couple machines that use
> this board.  The BIOS that ships is bogus- machines wouldn't boot
> (don't remember the details of why since it's been a while now).
> Updating the BIOS fixes it. Just built a couple of these last week and
> noted the most recent BIOS is dated March 2006. You might want to
> double check Sun's site and see if they've released updates.

Following your advice, I've updated the BIOS, which is now at version  
1.07 (from Sun's supplemental disk version 1.2 [0]).  This BIOS  
version seems to be from January '06 rather than March '06.

Sadly, I'm still getting the BTX loader error when trying with 6.1- 
BETA4 amd64.  As I noted in the gnats entry, a snapshot of OpenBSD  
3.9 amd64 runs quite happily, which would be fine for my purposes  
except that I need jails.

Does anyone have any further suggestions or a more recent BIOS flash  
that they could send my way?




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