Applications freeze

Marko Milenovic markom at
Thu Mar 23 17:59:46 UTC 2006


I've just bought AMD Athlon64 and installed FreeBSD 6.0 for it. It 
seemed that all is working just fine. I've compiled Enlightenment and a 
few other apps. At one point I've installed Thunderbird, Seamonkey and 
some other apps and that's when the problems started. Those apps got 
frozen when I started them. They start normally, and after a few sec 
they just die stopping my X. All I can do is move the mouse around. I'm 
new to 64-bit OSes. Am I missing some setting? I've installed both 4x 
and 5x compat packaged and Linux base. I've got the same apps working 
just fine now on i386 FreeBSD.



Marko Milenovic
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