6.0-RELEASE/AMD64 Ram Capacity?

Robert Leftwich freebsd at rtl.fmailbox.com
Sat Mar 18 02:49:06 UTC 2006

Jacques Caron wrote:
> At 12:06 16/03/2006, Robert Leftwich wrote:
>> should I be worried that the drives are going to be flaky?
> To check if things work, simply do (on a box that you're ready to see 
> panic):
> dd if=/dev/adX of=/dev/null bs=512k &
> dd if=/dev/adY of=/dev/null bs=512k &
> dd if=/dev/adZ of=/dev/null bs=512k &
> dd if=/dev/adT of=/dev/null bs=512k &

I ran this on a freshly installed amd64 6.1beta4 (after trying the i386 6.1b4 
and discovering the PAE kernel still has a problem with 4gb of ram on my m/b).

All 4 ran fine and although my total_bpages for zone2 is 96, the most 
active_bpages I actually saw was 19 in zone2. (Although I don't know what the 
difference is between the zones 0,1 & 2 - but the zone0 and 1 figures didn't 

> Hope that helps,

It does - I'm feeling a lot more comfortable about this 4GB flakey-ness.



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