amd64 slower than i386 on identical AMD 64 system?

JoaoBR joao at
Thu Mar 16 20:05:42 UTC 2006

On Thursday 16 March 2006 16:11, Sean McNeil wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-03-16 at 13:21 -0500, Mike Jakubik wrote:
> > JoaoBR wrote:
> > > I never had any kind of problem with any system with <= 2Gb of Ram
> >
> > Ok then, how abut this puppy? It's a dual dual-core opteron server, with
> > 2 GB ram, and it's running perfectly. The most likely cause of your
> > problem is hw, if you have problems with 2GB of ram on a normal kernel.
> >
> This is not on his list either.  I have an Athlon 64 X2 3800 with 2GB of
> RAM that works perfectly, but it doesn't fall into his failure category.

with 2GB no problem, 
 3GB I do not know but 4GB is when the problem appears here for me

> Wonder if there is some sort of memory pairing issue. To get >2GB and
> <4GB I'd think you have to have 2 1GB sticks and 2 512MB sticks or
> something like that.

no it isn't in my case, I use real good dual-channel 2x (2x1GB)  suggested 
memory listed in the MB manual

> Anytime I've had issues, someone has told me it is my memory - and they
> were right.  Running SMP vs. UP vs. amd64 vs. x86 all use memory
> differently.

Indeed some standard MBs with X2 are very picky with correct dual-channel 


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