6.0-RELEASE/AMD64 Ram Capacity?

Robert Leftwich freebsd at rtl.fmailbox.com
Thu Mar 16 11:06:22 UTC 2006

> Scott Long writes:
>> The ATA driver is still a bit flakey with more than 4GB of RAM, so 
>> make sure that you are using either a modern SCSI controller or a RAID 
>> controller.

Would you mind clarifying if this applies to *only* > 4GB of ram or if it 
includes exactly 4GB? Also does PAE impact this flakey-ness? Are there any 
particular chipsets that are flaky/non-flaky? Are all FreeBSD 6.x versions affected?

I guess what it boils down to is that I'm running an asus a8n-sli premium with 
4GB ram and 4*160GB SATA2 drives in raid 0+1 (via the onboard nVidia (pseudo) 
raid) and currently using 6.1beta3 (as 6.0x does not recognise all 4GB of ram) 
- should I be worried that the drives are going to be flaky?


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