amd64 slower than i386 on identical AMD 64 system?

JoaoBR joao at
Thu Mar 16 10:35:01 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 18:13, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> > Since this crashes are more frequent with IPI_PREEMPTION I have now some
> > servers under test running without PREEMPTION at all and appearently the
> > crashes are gone
> The claim in this paragraph is that it is necessary to disable the
> (default) PREEMPTION option in order for FreeBSD not to crash on these
> systems, i.e. FreeBSD is unstable by default.

well, like you said somewhere it must be our understandings of expressions, 
anyway in my opinion I just shared my experiences and did not expressed any 
"necessary" steps nor I said generally the system is unstable

> No, you haven't ruled it out, only that none of the versions you tried
> fix your issue.  Note what I said earlier: other people use dual core
> CPUs on FreeBSD/amd64 without stability problems, so it is not a
> general problem with FreeBSD.

I didn't said that either
I said that I have difficulties when certain conditions are met and I said too 
that I do have stable systems which do NOT met this conditions

You'll find a clear description of this conditions in the thread so it is not 
to understand as a general problem but a restricted problem what up to this 
moment I have

nobody confirmed to have the same problem exactly

BUT nobody confirmed NOT having the same problem under same conditions what 

- athlon 64 X2 processor (4200|4400|4800)
- standard MBs as ASUS A8V[deluxe] and EPOX 9DAN3, Abit AV8 and some others
- 4GB of RAM (means not 3 and not 3 or less )
- SMP enabled
- amd64 releng_6 up to date

what perhaps was not said clearly, the problem do NOT appear withamd 64 
releng_5 and NOT with i386


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