boot problem: turion '64

Erle Pereira erlester at
Mon Mar 13 00:44:00 UTC 2006

been trying to install freebsd 6.0 release

Config is as follows:
model: acer aspire 5002nwlmi

Chip : AMD Turion 64 (ML-30)
SIS chipset ( i know.. but.. was the only one in budget!)


Dual Boot with debian sarge (amd 64 port)
booting freebsd thru` grub  from debian partition

-- with --
title           FreeBSD 6.0
root            (hd0,3,a)
kernel          /boot/loader

Installs fine. Without errors.

But then when trying to boot, the system freezes. I am unable to get
even the loader prompt.
Console is garbled with random colors...

Been through this twice. Same exact outcome in both. Im out of ideas.
Any suggestions as to what do i do next?


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