6.0-RELEASE/AMD64 Ram Capacity?

Nathan Vidican nvidican at wmptl.com
Sat Mar 11 01:20:58 GMT 2006

I seem to recall various threads relating to problems with machines running at 
or above 4GB ram... what if any issues still exist?

We're currently operating with 2GB ECC Registered PC333 ram, but are finding a 
fairly constant usage of about 1700MB swap space; like to increase system 
memory, and installed motherboard supports 16 slots x 2GB DIMMS each (for 32Gb 
total) - but what about FreeBSD?

System is running:
	- Apache (about 10-12 mod_perl httpd's @ 90MB ram each)
	- Apache (about 20-30 very basic httpds for static stuff @ 12Mb each)
	- Sendmail, including MimeDefang and SA processes at some 90MB each
	- MySQL 4.1 running about 70MB Ram
	- Samba (smbd's running at 30Mb ram each 30-50 in use at any time)
	- A number of Perl processes ranging from 1Mb - 900Mb each
	- Other misc, but the above are the major ones

Just want to make sure no known issues exist (primarily with the above 
applications), comments anyone?

Nathan Vidican
nvidican at wmptl.com
Windsor Match Plate & Tool Ltd.

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