major pita w/LSI Tyan TA26 combo

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Mon Mar 6 17:31:41 GMT 2006

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> Hello,
> Freddie Cash schrieb:
> > On Sunday 05 March 2006 08:48 am, Vivek Khera wrote:
> >>Interesting... They never said that to me.  I have an issue with an
> >>external Dell Powervault array that always reports failure of
> >>whatever is in position 0 once the array is active.  It will format
> >>it, etc. without failure.  If I swap the channels on the 320-2X card,
> >>the error stays with position 0 on the array.  If I drop the channel
> >>down to U160 from U320, no errors.  This leads me to believe that the
> >>backplane of the array box is not up to spec for U320.
> > 
> > 
> > Is that connected to a riser card that is connected to the motherboard?
> > 
> > We only have problems when the MegaRAID card is plugged into a riser card.  
> > When it's plugged directly into the motherboard, it runs perfectly.
> We used to have problems with adapters running at 66MHz or more 
> using risercards in a number of Tyan S2707. Those risercards came 
> from Chenbro, along with the cases. By replacing them with Tyan 
> risercards (which became available a few months *after* the boards) 
> those problems vanished.
> And now comes the interesting part: Months later, problems began to 
> reoccur. In the end we found out that the power supplies were of 
> somewhat low quality. Replacing the power supply helped in every 
> system that was affected.

Could you please provide more details about the low quality units, e.g.
make and model?


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