Tyan GT24 - Thunder K8SRE mainboard (Gardner Bell)

Mark Carlson carlsonmark at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 03:47:38 GMT 2006

> > >Not sure if this is the right list to be posting to but the BCM5704C
> > >has since stopped working as of today.
> Unfortunatly no, but I can try out some older versions and or add some
> debugging options to my kernel if it will help.

I just purchased a K8SRE board and installed it in a system on March
4th.  I didn't try the AMD64 version of FreeBSD, but I was having
troubles getting the onboard Broadcom interface working.  I was able
to get it working by downgrading the bios from 2891_201 to 2891v100. 
I had been told that disabling ACPI would have worked, but in my case
it didn't.

It's somewhat annoying to flash the bios, but it may help.  After some
searching yesterday it appears that the interface _can_ be unstable
and cause crashes under heavy load.  I haven't had any crashes yet


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