major pita w/LSI Tyan TA26 combo

Steven Hartland killing at
Fri Mar 3 13:07:21 PST 2006

Got a similar problem with a highpoint card here which I'm taking to
them about ( have been for 6 months ). Symptoms here are when
running a test rsync locally on a RAID 5 volume I get:
Sep  9 16:20:48 r2d2 kernel: IAL: COMPLETION ERROR, adapter 0, channel 5, flags=104
Sep  9 16:20:48 r2d2 kernel: ATA regs: error 10, sector count 20, LBA low ff, LBA mid ff, LBA high ff, device 4f, status 51

And the raid drops the disk.

Disks have been verified, cables have been changed, controller has been
changed, disks have been replaced, disks have been run split between two
PSU's ( 1 external ) just in case it was a power issue. All no go.
Options tried: FreeBSD 5.4 and 6.0 both 32bit, driver 1.11, 1.12 and 1.13
numerious BIOS's currently 1.16.

I can force it to drop a drive ( not always the same drive ) from the array
ever time using rsync even test ( -n ) with array mounted read only.

Also online rebuild does something similar, half way through and ditches.
BIOS rebuild does however work.

With a number of different cards doing something similar is there something
more sinister going on? Or are they suffering from a common bug in their
respective drivers?


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> Does anybody have ideas and/or receommend anything that actually
> works?!?! 

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